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I might have been born and raised in Detroit, Michigan but my heart was captured by Salt Lake City when I moved here in 1997. Since then, I knew I never wanted to be anywhere else. I met my wife Tammy here. We had our son, Axel, here. Who, btw, keeps us on our toes. We love hiking and camping. We also enjoy spending time as a family at our cabin in Heber and taking ATV rides in the mountains and soaking up everything Utah has to offer. I’d like to consider myself an ambassador for the state of Utah. When I’m not outdoors exploring, I like to look for and listen to vinyl… records. It’s something Axel and I do together too. I also tinker around with my guitar and sometimes even venture into playing Axel’s drums. 
I began my radio career in 1990 in Detroit, Michigan and surrounding areas like Ann Arbor. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of my rock idols like Eddie Van Halen and Sammy Hagar. I’ve also had a chance to interview some of my favorite people as well. Everyone from Steve Perry to Paul McCartney to Ron Howard to Bill Paxton. I’ve been extremely fortunate over the years. 
Fate brought me and Jess together in 2005. After getting fired from our radio show in April of 2023, we opted not to go back into the industry. It was tough decision but decided to take a chance on ourselves and go into the world of podcasting. We figured there weren’t enough of them out there. The Frankie & Jess Podcast was born. 
If you’re new to our show, welcome. 
If you’ve been with us, thank you.


Hey! It’s Jess 🙂 I grew up in Arizona with my mom, dad and sister. My boombox was my life as a child. I knew I wanted to be on the radio one day. I would even wrangle my sister into playing radio station with me. She was a good sport but it wasn’t her thing. I couldn’t get enough. I was even voted most likely to be a talk show host in High School 🙂

I got my Broadcasting degree from Arizona State in 2001. A few years down the road, My fiancé at the time now, hubby, had an opportunity to move to Salt Lake in 2005. We were planning our wedding and life together. I never wanted to leave AZ. But, I thought, If I start out this marriage telling my guy he can’t follow his radio dream, what kind of a wife would I be?! I thought we would be in Utah for a few years and move back to Arizona but, that didn’t happen at all. God had better plans! We’ve been in Utah for 18 years now. WE LOVE IT HERE 🙂 The People! The Seasons! The Mountains! It is a slice of Heaven. Don’t tell too many people though, it’s getting crowded here 😉 LOL!

We have a 16 year old son who is the light of our lives. He is our miracle baby! He loves playing Hockey! We have two crazy Pitbulls that keep us on our toes. I love getting together with friends for Lunch, Bunco or Bible Study. I’ve also been a Mary Kay gal for over a decade. So fun 🙂

Frankie is my brother from another mother. We have been through SO much together in 18 years. I am so blessed by him and our relationship. I love that our families are close too. We are thankful you are with us in this new chapter F&J Fam. Thank you for your support and love. It means everything to us.


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